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Described as “Tarot Master” by the Huffington Post, Brad Kronen has been using his talent as a professional astrologer and Tarot reader for the last 25 years. A classically trained opera singer, Brad originally studied psychology, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in both that subject and English Literature at Fairfield University in CT. Currently based in Los Angeles, Brad assists a large clientele, some of whom are celebrities and/or business executives. He has performed his Tarot skills at such events as The Academy Award Gifting Suites and The Emmy Award Gifting Suites.

On February 27th, 2007, Brad made his debut on national television and was the first Astrologer to appear on reality TV when he guest starred on the hit show “The Real Housewives of the OC” on the Bravo Network. His skill at astrological interpretation was noted by the network itself when Bravotv.com described Episode # 207, “The Astrology Party” as follows:

Vicki and Donn are having issues at home. As Vicki’s energy begins to drain Donn, she seeks the help of an astrologer to figure out why she acts the way she does. The other ladies join the party and are amazed at how accurate the astrologer’s readings are. The advice they get is surprisingly in tune with each housewife’s unique life predicament.”

In January of 2010 Brad made his Canadian television debut when he displayed his Tarot skills on the reality TV series, “Reality Obsessed” on the TV Tropolis network.

December of 2015 saw the release of Brad’s first book, a 21st century guide to Astrology and Relationships entitled “Love in the Stars” published by Llewellyn Publishing Worldwide. “Love in the Stars” is available for purchase at your local book seller or online at Amazon.com.

Brad was also a contributing writer for VH-1.com writing horoscopes for their “Scandalist” media page and has written numerous articles on his own website, bradkronen.com. Brad’s forte is analyzing major events throughout history from an astrological perspective with pieces that run the historical and sociological gamut ranging from ancient myth to President Trump and nearly everything in between.

Brad has 3 different lecture series that are based in his unique and holistic approach to Astrology, “Welcome to the Zodiac”, “Welcome to the Astrological Solar System”, and “The 12 Houses” which he has presented before audiences both in person and on line, the archives of which can be heard via blogtalkradio.com.

Other reviews for Brad’s astrological talent:

Not everyone believes in psychics or astrologers, but when someone you’ve never met before describes you to a tee just by looking at a couple of cards, it’s hard to dismiss them. That’s exactly what happens with Brad Kronen. Providing accurate, spot-on Tarot Card readings, Brad can make a believer out of anyone.
– Lori Wilson, LAsThePlace.com
Review of Brad’s Tarot skills from The 2007 Emmy Award Suites


…awesome destiny readings by astrology & tarot master Brad Kronen
– Zorianna Kit, Huffington Post
Review of Brad’s Tarot readings from 2008 Emmy Award Suites


I love Brad Kronen!!!! Ok, can we just talk about the tarot reading he gave me for a quick sec….?!!!!I have never heard anything like what he told me and so far it was quite accurate. I think he is real, real good. I am only talking to Brad Kronen from now on, I think he’s money!
– Allison von Beltz, lipsticktracez.com
Review of Brad’s Tarot readings from the 2009 Casa de Milagros Charity Event for Mamma Kia Soup Kitchens.


I just had a great Tarot and astrology reading from Brad Kronen, and I can’t recommend him highly enough…..Brad, like most good readers, believes in human agency. He’s really good at connecting the dots, seeing the story inside the story. I think he’s great.
– Brooke Berman, Author & Playwright


All inquiries about private consultations and personal readings can be emailed to brad@bradkronen.com


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