Abraham & Mary Todd Lincoln: Constancy in the face of Dualistic Decimation

The dichotomy of differences between the personal lives of Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, made them not only appear truly odd together as a couple, it must additionally be stated neither was the other’s first choice for a romantic partner.

Much like their opposing backgrounds, History has placed nearly every one of President Lincoln’s deeds through a predominantly positive lens, while dualistically the vast majority of his wife’s actions have been put through a filter that’s as unattractive as it is thoroughly negative.

Astrologically, the Lincolns’ historical personae reflect the inherently best and worst aspects of the signs each was born under.

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Wolfgang & Constanze Mozart – A Union of Unromantic Constancy

The Mozarts may not be remembered as one of the greatest romances of all time however their relationship is one of History’s best examples of a Saturnine union bestowed with the gift of constancy. Coupled Constancy, which must be said, ensured some of the most sublime music ever written be made accessible for all the world to hear, both now and for generations to come.

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Leontyne Price – American Diva and Aquarian of Representation

Leontyne Price – American Diva and Aquarian of Representation Honoring Black History Month and the Birthday of a Vocal Legend To represent. Quite a challenge when the action listed above is done in the name of one’s school, one’s state, even one’s country. Imagine doing so for one’s race. When one is given the responsibility of representing […]

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Wolfgang & Constanze Mozart: A Coupling of Unromantic Constancy

*In honor of the 260th anniversary of Mozart’s birth – 1/27/1756 – 1/27/2016 There are choice times when certain couples will present themselves, leaving many to wonder how they even got together, let alone committed to each other due to their extreme differences of personality, temperament, or even looks. Our befuddled head scratching will often […]

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