Seeing Red: The Myth of Persephone

Seeing Red: The Myth of Persephone by Brad Kronen A painting whose creator is unknown depicting Persephone’s abduction by Hades and his herd of “nightmares”.  Your author presumed the woman in the water on the far left represented the goddess Demeter trying to save her daughter.  Not so, after further research into different variations on […]

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Born Beneath a Self Combusting Sun: Arnold, Bill, Martha, and Monica

The hubris of many an unevolved Sun ruled person is the mistaken belief of them thinking he or she is equal to the Gods and above reproach from the Laws of Man. What began as an astrological “connect the dots” of recognizing a running theme of the Leo basking in the spotlight of fame with that same Leonine personality being the cause of their own undoing has unfolded further out into “The Grid” of the Cosmos, with the birth chart taking on an entirely new dimension of meaning and karmic purpose.

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The Myth of How Athens got its Name

Long before there were ice cubes or GPS, a great city existed in a faraway land of make believe finances called Greece. Very unlike today, this metropolis of old thrived and prospered as more and more people left their countryside farms and tiny fishing villages in order to reside within its borders.

The only problem was the city was without a name.

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Phaeton – The Hubris of the Heir of Helios

As the calendar pages shift from the head strong impulsiveness of Fiery Aries into the aesthetically pleasing surface beauty of Earthy Taurus, the time is right to tell a hubris filled tale about an exceedingly handsome mortal whose impetuous nature placed him above the jurisdiction of the gods only to be brought abruptly back to earth in a crashing fireball of punishing humility soon thereafter. Now is the time to tell the story of Phaeton, the Heir of Helios.

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