We All SCREAM for Halloween! Ghost Stories Brad Kronen Style

For my most beloved and highly anticipated of holidays, aka All Hallow’s Eve, I felt the need to begin a new tradition akin to the 12 Days of Christmas and have called it “The 11 Days of Diabolical Doom”. In preparation for the bestest holiday in all the known Universe, I have compiled some of my all-time favorite horror generating images which have cost me at least one good night’s sleep in nail biting anxiety after first viewing.

View them if you dare.

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Halloween & The Season of Scorpio – A Time for the Sheared Soul to Shine

There may be a lot of light-hearted fun associated with Halloween and its gag costumes along with its activities centered around the kiddies but just like the Scorpios we know and love, this autumn holiday is at its very essence INTENSE and HARDCORE by virtue of it dealing with:

– Nighttime (The Sun MUST set first before the revelries begin)

– Ransom (How else would you categorize a command like “Trick or Treat!”)

– Terror or Fright (“The one with the scariest costume wins the Halloween Grand Prize!”)

– The Recognition of Death Itself (said another way, the Horror Film in all its gratuitous glory)

– The Recognition of Those who have Died (The predominant imagery associated most with this holiday are gravestones, skeletons, and ghosts)

– The Recognition of Forces unseen by Mortals (Witches and Witchcraft, Demons and Demonic Possession, and lest we not forget the Donald Trump of all that is diabolical, the Devil himself)

– The Recognition of Our Own Mortality (The Jack-o-Lantern)

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