Bogie & Bacall: Astrologically Honoring the Last of Hollywood’s Golden Age

Hollywood fame. Tinsel Town glitz.

With the foundation behind the Mecca of the movie business being based in such non-realistic energies as hear say, rumor, and empty promises, the majority of Hollywood’s best known couples tend to have the shortest of shelf lives with most not being in any way memorable together as a romantic team.

Intriguingly, the couple from Hollywood’s “Golden Age” that’s still respected and admired in the present day just as much as when they were at the height of their romantic prime were both born beneath the most non-Tinsel Town like astrological element of Earth. Known for its ethic of hard work, grounded practicality and non-diva like behavior, both the great “film noir” actress Lauren Bacall was born beneath the middle of the Earth signs, Virgo, and the love of her life, one of the most popular actors of all time, Humphrey Bogart was born beneath the last of the Earth signs, Capricorn.

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