Betty White & Allen Ludden: A Seasoned Labor of Love

Romeo & Juliet, Betty White and Allen Ludden were not. More like a Libra Capricorn couple who had each previously been around the marital block and seasoned enough to work at something seriously substantial upon crossing paths during their Glory Years of Middle Age. The Libra Capricorn duo became one of Hollywood’s most recognizably endearing and long lasting of married couples with their union lasting to the day when Allen succumbed to stomach cancer in 1981 with Betty devotedly at his side.

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Libra – The Radically Extremist Sign of Peace, Truth, and Justice

The graciously mild mannered sign known for its knack of avoiding confrontation better than any given Walmart entrance equally possesses the potential to confront the powers that be with an in-your-face aggressiveness that would make even The Donald himself run for cover. The sign that usually needs a full change of seasons before deciding upon anything remotely definitive can become radically decisive at will should they believe the concepts of Peace or Justice to be at stake.

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Libran Love – The Lie behind True Romance and the Truth behind Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

For the Venus-ruled, Love cannot exist without the presence of Romance but did you know the phrase “True Romance” is actually just another little white lie? Saying the phrase “True Love” to emphasize a purity of amorous feeling is acceptable and apropos but the fictitious nature of Romance’s origins technically makes the phrase “True Romance” a contradiction of terms.

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Bonnie & Clyde: America’s First Tabloid Couple

The first celebrity criminals of the modern era were also this country’s first tabloid couple, given the two were romantically linked together. Not surprisingly, the law breaking lovers whom most of Depression Era America secretly rooted for were two people that were astrologically made for each other, since Aries Clyde Barrow and Libra Bonnie Parker were born beneath each other’s polar opposite sign.

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Libra – Radical Extremists of Peace, Truth, and Justice

Libras are extremists. Libras are radicals. Libras believe in anarchy. Remain calm, everyone.  The statements above are in no way proof that the mini panic which recently befell society involving the constellation of Ophiucus subdividing the Zodiac into 13 signs instead of its original 12 is in any way valid resulting in each sign now possessing personality traits that are indicative of anything BUT […]

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