A Decade of Unprecedented Death: Record Breaking Mass Shootings & The Need for Global Gun Control

With just 2 years left before the close of the 2nd decade of the 21st century, the United States is bound to surpass Norway as the global record holder with the most number of people shot to death by a lone gun man, given the fact so little has changed to instill more gun control in this county while so much active effort has been taken to prevent it.

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Norway’s Day of Deadly Discord: Homogeny, Patriotism, & Eris – Part III

Seeing Eris in the same location of the sky as the God of War, Mars, and The Head Honcho of the Heavens, Jupiter, at the time of bin Laden’s death motivated me with trepidation to write in my article, “Of Mars, Marines, & Mefistofele” these words:

“Keeping in mind how Eris operates, it is imperative we do not fall into the trap of thinking now that Ding, Dong, the Anti-Christ is dead, everything will all work out and terrorism is forever vanquished! Eris enters whenever mortals foolishly feel all is said and done and everything is complete. Seeing the joyful reactions of the American public in the streets and other public venues to the death of bin Laden only creates seeds of Vendetta which begin to germinate in the hearts of many upon viewing such folly. Plus, Starting or listening to mythic rumors of bin Laden being the vanquished Anti-Christ is a perfect tool to lull us into false hope right before Eris commences her dirty work.”

And commence she did.

With the Goddess of Discord placing herself next to the planet of the Personal and of Patriotism, the Moon, Eris threw in the world’s face a nice, big smoke screen on July 22nd.

Upon hearing the first news reports of a bomb being detonated in Europe, almost everyone thought this was once again the doings of al-Quaeda or at the very least, a Muslim suicide bomber.

When the media spoke of mass killings in Oslo a short time later, it was presumed the dark forces of various Islamic extremists were working in synchronous tandem, only to hear….

a Norwegian did this?

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