The Lives of Controversial Film Directors Roman Polanski & Leni Riefenstahl are Analyzed in Book 2 of Brad Kronen’s series “The Hubris Manifestor & The Solar Personality”

Did you know since ancient times the Universe has had its own karmic penal code specially designed for the Solar personality?

Did you also know your author has recently devised an astrological technique on how to apply this penal code to the birth charts of the Solar ruled in the modern day and has come up with a name for the astrological term he invented?


In December of 2018 renowned astrologer Brad Kronen wrote Book 1 of this unique series entitled: “The Hubris Manifestor & The Solar Personality: Arnold, Bill, Martha, and Monica” where he took his first of its kind astrological theory and applied it to the public scandals of four famous Leos – Arnold Schwarzenegger, President Bill Clinton, Martha Stewart, and Monica Lewinsky.

In Book 2 of this series which focuses on the physical manifestation of Hubris occurring to the Solar ruled, two additional Solar personalities are put on display in the Leo Hall of Shame – the two most controversial film directors of the 20th century Leni Riefenstahl and Roman Polanski.

Both Leos achieved international acclaim for their films and breadth of artistic vision. Both Leos received numerous awards for their creative contributions. Both Leos have committed acts of Hubris that defy comprehension.

Allow Brad in his latest book to once again show by famous example that it doesn’t pay to get a God Complex ….especially when the Gods are watching.

Available in both Paperback and Kindle Version!

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Roman Polanski: The Ever Elusive Search for Security, Part III

Part II left off after the emergence of a new layer of Hell which Roman Polanski was forced to face, that being Life following the gruesome murders of his wife Sharon Tate and unborn son. As this series has repeatedly shown, the man has been no stranger to horrific tragedy but it must be said the continuity of tragic theme throughout his life is nothing short of astounding when considering his pregnant wife’s murder to that of his pregnant mother’s untimely death in Auschwitz, to even the subject matter of the film he had just finished directing before calamity struck where in “Rosemary’s Baby” a pregnant woman is besieged by the followers of a Satanic cult. This thread of tragic theme is reflected in Polanski’s chart with the most elevated planet being the Moon, the planet of motherhood and pregnancy conjunct the planet of death and anything of cult-like status, Pluto by one degree.

The aspect about the myth of Persephone which I find most fascinating can also be directly applied to the life of Roman Polanski. What binds Persephone to the Underworld is the eating of six seeds which can be interpreted as the innocently pure maiden ingesting the darkness of her captor and it taking hold or in the literal sense takes “seed” to further grow in her psyche. Said another way by being exposed to Hades/Pluto’s violence, lust, and assertion of power, Persephone has the potential for those very same Plutonian expressions at her disposal since she has eaten that which comes from the Lord of the Underworld’s domain. In the same vein, as a helpless child the director had his mother taken from him, followed later by both his wife and helpless unborn child being destroyed, yet when the opportunity arose Mr. Polanski as a 43 year old adult at the time felt the impulsive need to sexually dominate a victim who was herself, a mere child.

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Roman Polanski: The Ever Elusive Search for Security, Part I

There are some people in this world whose lives are not to be believed. With a statement of that kind, one immediately assumes a reference is being made to those who are maverick rogues or bold adventurers due to the automatic presumption their lives are THAT exciting and function wholly within the positive spectrum of things.

Not so with Roman Polanski.

Practically from the moment the man entered this plane of existence, he was forced to face horrors so profoundly disturbing, one has a hard time accepting the fact these various layers of Hell were all experienced by the same individual over the course of just his life span.

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