The Astrology of Easter – Part I

Did you ever wonder why Christmas falls on the same day of the year but Easter doesn’t?

Why does Easter have bunnies delivering eggs? Bunnies don’t lay eggs….do they?

What’s with all the pastels?

Ah, the mysteries associated with that m

Why is lamb eaten at Easter and not rabbit?

Ah, the mysteries associated with that most unique of holidays better known as Easter.

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The Truth Behind St. Patrick’s Day

The holiday known as St. Patrick’s Day is much more than just rowdy leprechauns and even rowdier parades – March 17th celebrates the life of an actual man whose exemplary deeds and actions elevated him to sainthood.   Hibernophile. Celtophile. Gallophile. The terms above refer to those who admire any and all things related to the Emerald Isle along […]

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