Wolfgang & Constanze Mozart – A Union of Unromantic Constancy

The Mozarts may not be remembered as one of the greatest romances of all time however their relationship is one of History’s best examples of a Saturnine union bestowed with the gift of constancy. Coupled Constancy, which must be said, ensured some of the most sublime music ever written be made accessible for all the world to hear, now and for generations to come.

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Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac Series – Aquarius

Fiercest of Friends or Isolated Iconoclast?

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“Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I, to my friends.”
– Virginia Woolf, Aquarian

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
– Thomas Edison, Aquarian

“True originality consists not in a new manner but in a new vision.”
– Edith Wharton, Aquarian

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The Life-Affirming Lifeless Ones: The Ghosts of Charles Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”

Christmas isn’t all merely festive uber-jolliness and hyper ho-ho-ho-ing, you know. “The most wonderful time of the year” also deals with being scared out of one’s wits or at a bare minimum temporarily freaked out with sudden fear. Why else would a ghost story heavy with the psychological abuse of intense serial haunting be a rock solid foundational part of the Christmas tradition? This particular holiday piece takes a fresh new look at an old well-loved Christmas favorite by analyzing the key characters of the world’s most famous ghost story who are next to never given much thought outside of the parts they play – the ghosts from Charles Dickens’ timeless holiday tale, “A Christmas Carol”.

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Winston Churchill: Envisioning Victory in the Darkest of Times

“The New England Historic Genealogical Society traced the family trees of the three major presidential candidates. US presidential hopeful Barack Obama is a distant relative not only of President George W Bush but also of wartime British prime minister Winston Churchill according to US researchers.” – ABC News, March 26th, 2008 “We do not want […]

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Hedy Lamarr – Beauty is the Beast

She was voted “the most beautiful woman in the world”. A title she loathed and could never fully shake off.

With her raven flowing hair, perpetually pouted lips, alabaster China Doll skin, and exceptionally large, electrically transluscent blue eyes, no one’s beauty could compare to that of the exotic actress born beneath the sign which rules over both Sexuality and Desire, Scorpio.

Scorpios enjoy having an aura of mystery hovering around them and the most beautiful woman in the world was no exception to this Scorpionic rule since it has only recently become widely known the most desired woman from Hollywood’s Golden Age also possessed one of the most inventive minds of her generation as well.

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