Luck Gets Lean and Mean: Jupiter Transits Capricorn, Part II – Societal Predictions

Capricorn may be the sign of Jupiter’s “fall”, another way of saying the planet’s most challenging environment for its energies to function in, but we must keep in mind, Jupiter is the planet of  Abundance and provides  Luck, Blessings, and positive energy wherever its location in the Heavens.

The Great Benefic’s “good stuff” will still accompany the largest planet in our Solar System  as it transits through the sign of its fall, aka Capricorn, but much like that sign’s overall style of dress, Jupiter’s abundance will mirror their new surroundings by becoming more  demure and toned down versus vibrantly overt or flashy.

With that in mind, those who are natural risk takers or extremely lucky by nature may perceive the King of Planet’s upcoming transit as a period completely void of the Jupiterian “good stuff”.  The Great Benefic’s luck and blessings will still be present but in a more subtle, far less obvious way.

Conversely, those who believe themselves to be naturally unlucky may be pleasantly surprised during Jupiter’s upcoming transit through the sign of its fall that not only has their usual bout of bad luck subsided but that a noticeable change of good fortune has finally come their way.

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All Hail the Newly Crowned King of Moons!

The planet known as “The Great Benefic”, Jupiter may be the “King of Planets” but the planet known as “The Great Malefic”, aka Saturn now has more courtiers. Citizens of Earth, let it be known that the planetary spotlight that was taken up for so long by Jupiter, the King of Everything has now been usurped as of this past October 7th! With it being officially announced that 20 new moons orbit around the ringed planet, Saturn currently has the most Moons of 82 edging out Jupiter’s long time record of 79. The ringed planet now bears another title of distinction as the newly crowned “King of Moons”.

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Shirley Verrett – Artistic Versatility at its Penultimate Best

When Shirley Verrett switched fachs from mezzo-soprano to soprano much of the opera world didn’t know what to think since hardly ever did a singer make such a drastic transition while still in their vocal prime. One can only assume the constant hemming and hawing from those associated with such a pristine art form that got shaken up over the slightest bit of change must have worn out La Verrett over time. I made this presumption after walking along the fountained plaza of Lincoln Center one day in the late 1980’s to see banners being newly put on display along the cultural center’s entire perimeter which stated in big bold letters:


To which I murmured aloud, “What vocal coglioni!”
(If you’re not sure what that foreign word means, good.)

Through those simply worded banners, Shirley Verrett was telling every nay-sayer in the classical world in no uncertain terms to Fach Off.

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A Brad Kronen Book Signing for his latest book “We All SCREAM for Halloween”!


Hot off the press.  It’s a Halloween hit of horrifying proportions.


Halloween Book


for Brad Kronen’s Latest Book

“We All **SCREAM** for Halloween!
(And Hold our Breath for Christmas)”

Venture into the night and meet the man who is making everyone SCREAM for Halloween!

Thursday, October 24th, 2019   6 – 8 PM

Mystic Journey Bookstore
1624 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, California 90291





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Brad Kronen Explores the Discovery of Pluto with the Rise of Nazism in his latest Book, “Evil’s Devotion”

The two decades prior to the mid-point of the 20th century bear a unique significance on numerous levels – historically, sociologically, ethically, and astronomically. In 1930 an event occurred that not only forever altered Man’s working knowledge of the Solar System, it also permanently changed the foundation of that great cosmic circle in the heavens better known as the Zodiac – the observational discovery of the planet Pluto. Naturally adhering to the cosmic law of “As Above, Is Below”, soon after humanity became aware of Pluto’s existence, our own planet witnessed a number of things take place on the world’s stage that could only be described as being thoroughly Plutonian in essence.

And the most Plutonian of those things was the rise and subsequent fall of
Nazism and the Third Reich.

Nazism was a sociological phenomenon never before seen where an entire nation was brainwashed with an ideology of racist hatred and believed lies. With that said, it’s no cosmic coincidence the evil genius named Josef Goebbels who both orchestrated as well as created this system of societal brainwashing otherwise known as Propaganda was born a Scorpio, the sign ruled by the planet Pluto.

Pluto also oversees anything of an obsessive nature and obsession when placed wholly from within the positive spectrum is called by a different name – “Devotion”. The three greatest devotees within the Third Reich who devoted their every waking energy along with their very lives to Nazism and its supreme leader, Adolf Hitler, are the subject of Brad Kronen’s book entitled, “Evil’s Devotion: Josef Goebbels, Magda Goebbels, & Eva Braun”.

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