Brad Kronen’s Astrological Dating Guide “Love in the Stars” Now Individually Tailor Made for each Zodiacal Sign!

  Happy Autumn, Everyone! It’s the first week of October and for many of us this time of year is a reminder to begin motivating ourselves in preparation for a particular seasonal activity – Christmas Shopping! Brad thought he would ease some of the potential Yuletide pressure by letting everyone know his astrological dating guide […]

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Death & The Maidens – Sylvia Plath, Assia Wevill, and Ted Hughes

Their highly charged romance has been described as “the Romeo and Juliet of the 20th century” and their conjoined artistry has been likened to “a poetic powerhouse rivaled only by Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning”. Despite all the literary and poetic accolades heaped upon the two, the relationship between the greatest poets of their Age, Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, is made hollow by the nature of the couple’s highly tragic Fate.

To be expected, the marriage between these Fixed sign intellectuals appears to have always been fueled by both the Leo’s and Scorpio’s inherently intense passions but even with that said, your Author must emphasize the following astrological relationship rule:

A marriage between two Fixed Signs is never “easy” by virtue of the varying degree of “challenge” that is constantly present.

And a marriage between two Fixed Signs who are each important in their own individualized right that has no sense of compromise between the two, is undoubtedly doomed.

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Napoleon & Josephine: A Truly Mythic Love

The amorous reputation between the early 19th century Emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife the Empress Josephine is legendary and considered by many to be one of the greatest Loves of all time.

However, when observed through a historic lens of romantic reality, this Love of mythic proportions is knocked far from its pedestal of idealism, revealing itself to be a relationship led by misdirected bad timing that was rife with uncertainty.

The Battle of Waterloo may be the event which brought about the undoing of one of history’s most influential statesmen and military leaders, but from a personal perspective, many consider Napoleon’s relationship with his wife Josephine to have been both his greatest triumph and defeat.

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