The Cosmic Purpose of Pets

These special animals that we love like our own flesh and blood have a knack for entering our lives at the most crucial of times and exactly when our souls will benefit from their existence the most.

Their purpose for making their presence known in our lives are many and multi-fold, from significantly contributing to their owner’s spiritual evolution by acting as guardians against negative or dangerous forces that can be seen as well as unseen to teaching us responsibility, pride and unconditional love through our care of them.

For many, their pets also serve a most vital cosmic purpose as beacons of hope by showing us there is something to live for beyond just ourselves.

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The Saint Who Walked Among Us – The Canonization of Mother Teresa

On September 4th, 2016 a woman was elevated to the highest level of Christian spiritual evolution by virtue of the Catholic Church proclaiming her a saint. A nun who entered this world on August the 26th and who left this plane of existence 87 years later on September the 5th.

With all of the key dates listed above taking place during the time period attributed to the sign of Virgo.

In nearly every way, the exemplary life of the nun known as Mother Teresa embodies the most evolved energies of the karmic sign she was born, died, and canonized under.

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Michael Jackson: A Virgo Haunted by the Hubris of Perfection

There are many in my generation who right through to the present day are still quite unsettled by the death of Michael Jackson. For those of us who grew up when MTV first emerged during those long ago days when that channel actually played videos, Michael Jackson’s persona, image, and artistry was constant. The King of Pop was such an integral part of the early 80’s and MTV, that many of us who were around back then assumed Mr. Jackson would be just as consistently present today as he was in 1983.

Thus even in the current here and now it still takes reinforced effort to remind myself the man left this world in 2009 at the age of 50.

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The Discovery of Neptune – A mini-Drama of Hazy Misperception & Heated Debate

September 23rd, 1846.

Despite Mankind’s working knowledge of the Universe being expanded upon with the observational discovery of the planet Neptune that day, the heavenly body’s rightful discoverer remains a source of heated debate up until the very present.

Not long after its discovery , the Watery Planet’s creative influences would fully manifest themselves on Earth. Seven months following its existence being made known to humanity, Neptune transited its ruling sign of Pisces and a period of heightened creativity began where masterpieces were made within every creative art form known to Man otherwise known as The Romantic Age.

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